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Hand Care


The hand is a very complicated structure. It is designed for heavy work, gripping, grasping and fine dexterity. Its heavy use and exposure makes it susceptible to many types of injuries.

There are the obvious fractures and sprains that may need surgery, casting or splinting.

Numbness of the hand and night pain are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve becomes pinched by swollen tendons in the wrist. Resistant symptoms require surgical decompression of the nerve.

Snapping and catching of the fingers is often caused by swelling and inflammation of the flexor tendons. It is called trigger finger. Treatment includes local injections or surgical release.

Painful nodules on the wrist are commonly ganglion cysts, benign gel filled balloons. Treatment includes local injections or surgical removal.

Pain at the base of the thumb is often caused by arthritis. This can cause difficulty in grasping items and doing fine dexterity activities. Treatment options include medications, injections, bracing, therapy and surgery.